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Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy
Have you ever wondered what happens when you die?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, answers & clarity await you!

Have you ever wondered ha happens when you die?
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The Death Scene - 2_edited.jpg


crossing over

The Death Scene.png

Connect with your soul self...

third image_edited.jpg
Crossing Over - 1.png

Connect with your guiding beings...

Orientation - 2.png
Soul Group - 2.png

Reunite with other souls you know...

Soul Group - 1.png

Meet with Council

or Wise Elders

Meeting with Elders.png

Reunite with your Soul Group or Cluster Group...

Soul Group - 4.png
Healing & Restoration - 2.png

Experience healing & restoration...

Healing & Restoration.png

Visit a Library or Hall of Records

Hall of Records - 2.jpg
Hall of Records - 2.jpg
Womb - 2.jpg

Visit the place of Life & Body Selection...

Body Selection - 2.png
Body Selection - 1.png
Hall of Records - 3.jpg
Body Selection - 4.png
Body Selection - 5.png
Body Selection - 3.png
Body Selection - 5.jpg

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