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about Suzanne Campbell

Providing Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Counseling Globally

Join Suzanne in exploring life's parallel places for a transformative experience.  Let her guide you through your unique journey.  

Suzanne's spiritual service intertwines intuition with her professional training, providing you with guidance that caters to your spiritual needs and ongoing development.  

With over 20 years of experience, Suzanne provides a range of services designed to nurture your spirit and assist in your personal growth. Each session is tailored to reflect your unique path and quest for greater understanding.

About Suzanne Campbell
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about Suzanne Campbell

Advanced Hypnotherapy

Suzanne's hypnotherapy sessions are more than just a treatment - it's a tranformative journey.  Each session is personalized to uncover your subconscious patterns and bring about deep understanding and lasting change.

Over the years, Suzanne has supported countless individuals in overcoming their personal challenges to reach their full potential.  Her fine-tuned skills coupled with her genuine compassion and understanding, create a safe and nurturing environment for growth and healing.


Whether you are struggling with old habits, seeking ways to manage stress, or desire to step into your power, Suzanne's hypnotherapy sessions are designed to guide you to your best self.  

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

Suzanne's unique offering of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy sets her apart in her field.  This advanced technique helps individuals explore their Soul life and inherent Soul memories, opening doors to profound revelations.  


With over 300 LBL sessions under her belt, Suzanne's exceptional skill in this area is unparalleled.  Her deep understanding of human energy and the multidimensional aspects of life, facilitates a unique and transformative experience.  


A Life Between Lives session will provide you with a sneak peek into the eternal, powerful nature of your Soul, enriching your life with greater clarity, purpose and understanding.    

Suzanne Campbell offers Life Between Lives hypnotherapy
about Suzanne Campbell

About Suzanne

A gentle and compassionate soul, she has devoted her life to the service of healing and spiritual growth.  Identifying as a highly sensitive person (HSP), Suzanne has a deep and intricate understanding of spiritual dimensions and the human energy system that extends beyond the physical realm.
With her master's in divinity from The University of Metaphysics and over 20 years' experience as a certified hypnotherapist, she offers a unique blend of spiritual and practical solutions to life's challenges.  Her comprehensive knowledge and intuitive understanding of human energy as it lives in multiple realms, brings a new dimension to her service.  

Suzanne's passion and commitment shine through her work as she assists others in navigating the pathways to their greater selves.  Each session with Suzanne is tailored to illuminate your unique spiritual path and empower you on your journey.  
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