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Quantum Consciousness

The Core Principles of Quantum Consciousness

The philosophy of Quantum Consciousness lies in four key aspects.
'The Creator Effect', 'Intanglement', 'Everywhereness', and 'Holographic Healing'.  Each one is a vital element in the delicate matrix that empowers your spiritual being, and each plays an integral part in your unique journey towards consciousness expansion and self-discovery.

Using a tailored hypnotic approach, Suzanne guides you through the intricacies of each aspect.  Through 'The Creator Effect', we root the belief in the power of your intentions. 'Intanglement' steers us toward oneness and connectivity.  'Everywhereness' helps us embody our omnipresent nature.  And lastly, 'Holographic Healing' taps into the cosmic wisdom within all of us, harnessing it to facilitate personal and universal growth.  
  • Empower your Spirit

  • Connect with your Energy

  • Embrace the Universe

  • Enlighten your Life Path

Journey into Enlightenment

Quantum Consciousness
Quantum Consciousness
Quantum Consciousness
Quantum Consciousness

The Creator Effect Embark on a path to manifest your desires

Embrace the concept of universal awarness

Discover your exsistance beyond boundaries...

Holographic Healing
Harness cosmic wisdom for personal evolution

Black Washed Wall

Transcendental Abilities 
Experience our unique offerings, designed with the aim of helping you explore Quantum Consciousness

Parallel Places
(formerly known as
Past-Life Regression)
The Quantum Consciousness Experience
Life Between Lives
Explore the nooks and corners of your other lives, uncovering details that help weave the narrative of your spiritual journey. 
Uncover insights into your other selves which exist similtaneously to your current realm.
Delve into the rich tapestry between your lives on Earth to understand yourself from your Soul's perspective. 
Therapeutic Hypnosis
Hypnosis sessions are tailored to prompt personal growth and healing by connecting with 'other selves'.  
Over 20 years' experience
With hundreds of sessions under her belt, Suzanne combines intuition with professional training.  
Zoom Sessions
Breaking geographical barriers, sessions cater to individuals globally, with audio recording for you to keep. 

You are always free to change your mind and choose a

different future, or a different past.

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